FAQ and Info

 What does the condition name mean?  Although nearly every ornament we sell is brand new in the box, we try to only call This Years ornaments as new.  Ornaments released from previous years we like to call the Collectible Like New.  We also sell Used ornaments and will describe them in the description.

Do you have other ornaments not shown on the web-site?  Yes we have 1000’s in stock.  Our stock changes daily and many are only offered for sale local to avoid out of stock issues.  You may call us for inquiries.

Do you have a catalog showing all your items available? 
We send out a Bulletin to our collector’s Club Members showing new releases.  We can also send this to you via PDF as an E-Catalog.  Contact Thomas jvs1923@aol.com

Can you find items not shown here?
  After you contact us about availability of an item, if we do not have it in stock we will try to locate one for you.  Keep in mind these items will more than likely be used.  We would only purchase these type of items if they are in excellent collectible condition.

How can I identify older ornaments?  We have a book that shows American made ornaments from the late 1960’s through 1994.  Click here to learn more about the book.  You can also send us a photo via email jvs1923@aol.com and we will do our best to identify and give you as much info as we have about them.

What is the best way to keep my ornaments clean?  When possible store them in there original packaging.  We also have cleaning supplies available.  Click here to learn more about them.

Any special tips for keeping my ornaments clean?  Sure. Once you get them clean, you can put a clear floor wax over the entire surface and let dry.  Very lightly rub in the wax.  This will create a sealed barrier that should last several years.  You can then just use a warm soapy water for spot cleaning just like on your floors.

What is the best way to store my ornaments?  We keep ours in the boxes and pouches, mainly because it is easier to identify them when needed.  You can also get some acid free tissue paper, and store many of them together in plastic bags.  Don’t forget to include a few anti-tarnish tabs in the bag.  They work great.

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